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Weigh In Wednesday!!

ITS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! And you know what that means...  

I am down .4. Which I am ok with,,, I ate well but still have not begun to exercise... AND I even lost while I have my TOM... So I will take .4. I have turned in my wellness form at work so waiting for the ok to start using the gym on my break....

So far it has been an AMAH-ZING week so far....

My favorite Baseball Player is back with the PHILLIES!!!! After being with the Indians and the Braves the past two years he is back where he belongs.. And I can actully root for the Phils again.. I was SUPER pissed when they decided to not resign him after the 2010-2011 season. So therefore I REFUSED to root for them.  But now I can love them again!!

My future baby daddy Chad Durbin.  Yes my husband is aware of this fact and is ok with it. 

 Chad is one of the nicest guys we have met. It is always willing to sign a ball ( I have 2)  and when he was on twitter he actually would respond to his fans.. He even sent me a tweet for my bi…

What Tummy Type are you??

I saw this on a blog I follow and it 100000% true in my case.... I have the dreaded SPARE TIRE!!

Eat Right and Move More- is the key mantra to reduce belly fat of spare tire tummy type!

Avoid having too much of sugar and refined carbohydrates like those found in biscuits, cakes and white bread, pasta and rice.

Reduce alcohol intake. Drinking occasionally is all right but everyday or even 3-4 times a week will hamper your belly fat reduction project!

Also avoid so called diet snacks as they are made with chemicals, refined sugars and lots of artificial flavors and preservatives to make them taste good.

Have more of fresh food like fish, eggs, organic meat and vegetables -some options might include eggs and smoked salmon, grilled chicken and vegetables, snack like sliced lean meats, avocados, nuts and even oily fish (as they have good fat).

Exercise a lot- even if they are simple exercises like walking, doing lunges, squats or dips at home or even doing yoga.

I LOVE bread and sweets.. But…

Weigh In Wednesday!!!

Its Wednesday!!!! Time to weigh in.... And....
I LOST 2 LBS!!! 
Well actually one since I gained last week...So I am down 6 lbs total!!! 
I drank TONS of water and stayed within my points!! However I did not exercise... I really need to get on it.... But I did go to the DR today and while I was there I had her sign my wellness form so I can workout at work. Since I can do wellness at work I can get an hour and thirty min once or twice a week. BONUS!!!  We have a gym at work with weights, stepper, treadmills and other stuff... I will make this stuff my Bitch!!!

That is all for now! 

The Facts of Me : The Lisa Edition

I saw this on a blog I now follow Simple.Little.Joys and thought I'd do it too... SOOOOO here we go..

one. I am a reality show junkie. Love Love Love them. (however never got into the Real House Wives) I am into the older shows.. America's Next Top Model, RuPauls Drag Race (don't judge.. I am amazed at how a man can be prettier than some women I know...)

two. My favorite cartoon character is Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Not sure how that started but when I was about 14 I guess with the Disney Store in EVERY mall, I saw him and fell in love. I think it is the fact that he is borderline suicidal that make me love him.. Like my love will make him happy.. (Crazy I know...)  LOL If it is Eeyore I probably own it. My License Plate even have him in it...

three. I HAVE to have socks on if I am not wearing shoes.. It feels weird with none on.. I even sleep with them on...

four. My husband and I met online. Way before and Eharmony... We met on AOL.  Back when people had mem…

Weigh In Wednesday...

Well.... Here it is Wednesday and it is time for weigh-in... I was going to pretend I overslept and say "Oh I was running late and didn't have a chance to weigh-in" and then weigh in tomorrow. But I would be lying to all of you and myself. I DID in fact weigh in this morning and I have gained 1lb. Am I surprised?? NO. I did ok this week, just not 100 %. But today is a new day and I WILL stick to it and count my points!

Last night was probably my undoing.... My husband and I went to see my Alma Mater George Mason Patriots Men's Basketball game. They were playing our rival James Madison.  I should have eaten before we left but thought I could get a hot dog and be ok.. Well I got a hot dog but it was a footlong. Then got a pretzel. This was my undoing I think. IT WAS COVERED IN SALT. Like smothered in it. I tried removing most of it but it was EVERYWHERE!

So that is probably where the pound came from.. Salt = Holding on to water weight.

Oh well... Back at it today! Ha…

Weigh In Wednesday!!!!

Its Wednesday Ya'll!! Time to face the music and weigh in..... I have one again linked up with Erin and Alex..... SO...

I am down 4.2... Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited... I ate well and drank TONS of water.... Have not yet added the exercise part yet. Small steps at a time.... So looking forward to this week and seeing how I do. Good Luck all...

Weigh In Wednesday...

I am linking up with Erin and Alex for Weigh-In Wednesday. I love reading about these ladies and their daily life.  GO CHECK THEM OUT. =)

Well I started out trying to be good and that worked until... New Years... Well I started over today and so far SO good! Not much to report right now. Next week WILL be different.


2013 Goals....

I think I will be more inclined to stick to my goals if I have them in writing out in the blog world so my readers (hopefully) will keep me honest. I don't want to make "resolutions" because I always break them. So I am making goals instead.

1. Stop Eating Out so much.... I need to actually USE the healthy cookbooks I have at home.

2. Stop being so LAZY. I need to get off my ass and actually DO SOMETHING. Not sit on my computer all the time.

3. Go to the GYM. I have been paying for the gym down the street from my house for over 2 years. I need to actually go there. However I might cancel it and go to the newer one that just opened up. HMMMMM

4. Get rid of all the CRAP in my house. I have WAY too much stuff in our house. I need to go through all of our stuff.... SOON....

5. I NEEED to lose weight.... No if ands or butts.... I will stick to WW and EXERCISE!!!!

These are the goals I am setting for right now. I will probably add to these, but for now this is what I am going t…