Dating Disasters....


Today I am linking up with Allie and Brin for our dating diasters... This is one I wish I could forget..... It occured in 1997... (yes I am old...)

Back in the late 90's when AOL was uber popular there was a feature called a Member Profile. It was just info about you. They still have it but since AOL was the only thing going on at the time (way before Facebook, Myspace, Twitter..etc) that was how we comunicated. Anyway I was always bored and in the chat rooms and met some INTERESTING people. Well I had a guy who lived near by me who asked to meet up and go to the movies. I had just broken up with my first "real" boyfriend and I was looking to get back out there. So I met him at the mall to see "Face Off" the Nick Cage and John Travolta movie. He seemed nice and funny and we had a good time during the movie. So afterwards we were sitting in my car talking and he decided that he wanted to upzip his pants and show me his penis.. I was like WTF weirdo. Seriously why in the hell would I want to see that after just meeting you? I told hm to get the F' out of my car or I was calling the police. 

Shortly after this I met my now husband on AOL. (that is ANOTHER story for later) The pervert boy kept contacting me and trying to see me again. I told him to leave me alone and he wouldn't. My husband Steve finally had to tell him to go away. He finally got the hint. 

Thank god I met Steve and no longer have to deal with perverts. LOL


  1. WHO DOES THAT?!!! lol! Found ya through the link up!

    1. I know right???? Crazy... Thanks for checking me out <3

  2. Seriously?!? Some people are ridiculous! I have nothing against online dating at all (I met my fiancé online), but I am sure thankful to be done with dating!

  3. Crap! Seriously, who does that?! Glad to be outta that pool!

  4. Hahaah! so funny. Glad you found the right one online!


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