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The Little Note Exchange

I have signed up with Melissa and Amy to do a letter/note exchange for the month of May! I love getting letters and stuff in the mail. SO I am EXCITED!!! Can't wait to see who I am paired up with....

School Pic Link Up

Since everyone else is doing this.. I thought I might as well.... Enjoy...

 First Grade

Panic Station ~ Muse in NYC

Yesterday my husband and I took the train from DC Union Station to Penn Station on NYC to see my favorite band Muse at Madison Square Garden. If you have not heard them then you are missing out... Seriously..... If you have not here you go...

They are AMAZING live! You might not even know you have heard them before.. You know the baseball scene in Twilight?? Yup that is a Muse song.. They actually have a song on 3 of the 5 movie soundtracks. The above song was the theme song for March Madness... Ok Moving on...

We left DC at 1 and arrived in NYC around 430. We walked around the area near MSG to see what would probably still be open after the concert since our train home was not until 3am. Yup 3AM.... We had some time to kill so we stopped at a bar outside of MSG to hang out until the doors opened at 6, Irish Times Bar and Pub. It was ok. We had a few beers and a appetizer platter.

Then we headed over to wait in line to get into the arena and find our seats. If you have not been to MSG…

5 things......

Found this on Allie's page and I thought I'd do it too...

5 Things...'ll find in my bag.

1. Lip Gloss.. I have like 5 in there at all times

2. My Phone

3. Pen and Paper

4. my calendar so I know what days I work. 

5. coupons for resturants that I forget are there.'ll find in my bedroom.

1. Diet Pepsi Cans

2. Piles of Clothes that I need to go thru to donate

3. Hair Products

4. My dog. She loves laying on our bed.

5. SHOES!!

...I've always wanted to do.

1. Go to Italy

2. Go to Ireland

3. Have a house built.

4. Pay off my bills

5. Have a clean and organized house.

...I'm currently loving.

1. The change of weather.

2. Wendys Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

3. The ID Channel - I am obsessed

4. Candy Crush game - more like obsessed

5. Baseball Season

...quirks I have.

1. I cant take the first of anything - magazine on a rack,greeting card, drink lid... etc 

2. I have to have some noise when I sleep.

3. If I am not wearing shoes I have to have socks on

4. The notification nu…

I'm Still Alive

I am still here.. Just been busy with my dog being sick and me being sick as well.. I PROMISE I will write a blog tomorrow...

Have a great day Lovies!!!