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So today I am linking up for Major League Baseball Opening Day!!
Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE baseball... Well that and all cute guys in baseball pants!!
Anyhoooo! I am a Phillies fan and up until he retired a HUGE Chad Durbin fan.. Seriously I was OBSESSED!! But since he retired I have had to move on to another player yet to be named... However I have been seriously obsessed with this guy...
In case you live under a rock or just not in the know, this is Hank.. He is the newest member of the Milwaukee Brewers. I am a HUGE animal lover and when I saw this story I immediately fell in love with this cute puppy.  ESPN story on Hank
He was found after he started hanging around the Brewers training camp and while attempting to locate the owners, the team and members of the brewers fell in love with him. I mean look at that face!! He was brought back to Milwaukee and is the new unofficial Mascot. He has his own jersey, he is getting a bobblehead and even did a meet a greet with part of t…

Tough It Out Tuesday

Today I am linking up with Kay and Allie for Tough it out Tuesday!

I have been going weekly to my gym to meet with a personal trainer. I bought 18 sessions and I am about 6 in.... Everytime he tries to kick my ass.. In a good way. But today was the first day of ARMS...and LEGS... I am already sore and I am afraid of what I will feel like tomorrow....

We did several sets of different arm exercises with weights and then lunges, squats and calf raises. Then finished with
Wood Choppers and Golf Swings
SO we shall see how I feel tomorrow! 


So I am participating in the #90daystilsummerchallenge starting today. The idea is to work your butt off to look amazing (or at least comfortable in my case) in a bathing suit by June 21st. I have already started on my journey a few months back but have not been 100%. But I will be committing myself to fully be in this 1000%.

I am hoping that with everyone else in the challenge will keep me accountable. I really need someone to kick me in the ass when I need it. So if anyone out there wants to kick my ass then let me know! 
So.... I will cut my Diet Pepsi addiction - I will still have one or maybe two but I am going to replace as much as I can with water.  I am going to WORKOUT. Not just the days that I have a training session.  I will eat well. Try to stick to my WW plan.  I will stop eating fast food. Even if I can work it into my WW plan.  I will make more meals at home - Plan meals. 

So are you in?? 

A is for.........

I have been seeing several blogs do an A to Z post, and I thought I'd do it too... #wannabeacoolkid

SO here we go...... Got this post idea from Kayla

A- Age: 36 B- Birthday: Aug 29th C- Color: Purple D. Drink: Diet Pepsi E. Eyes: Brown F. Flashback: My wedding day  G. Gent: Steve H. Hobby: Reading, Watching TV, Going out with friends. I. Indulgence: Wine J. Job: 911 Dispatcher K. Kiddos: Furchild ~ Gracie L. Love: Family M. Music: Anything and Everything N. Nation: Rhythm ~ hahaha O. Overstock: Shoes P. Pets: Gracie Q. Quote: "Sometimes I'm good but when I'm bad I'm even better" R. Residence: Fairfax VA S. Siblings: None T. Temperature: Sunny and 32 U. University: George Mason University V. Vehicle: Toyota Corolla W. Want: To be a mom X. X: X-rays, Arm and Teeth Y. Yuck: Onions  Z. Zodiac: Virgo

We Can Wednesday

I am linking up with Erica and Britney for We Can Wednesday. Where we share anything Fitness or Weight Loss related... 
So a few weeks ago I joined XSport Fitness and am LOVING IT!!!! I have several friends that are members and one in particular Pam, is my gym buddy!!! I also signed up for 18 sessions with a personal trainer. I have already had two sessions. 
On Saturday Pam and I did Aqua Zumba! Which usually I kick ass at Zumba but when you factor in the water and not being able to move as easily it makes it HARD.. But we had a blast!!!! And will continue to go every Saturday I am off. I plan on going to more classes but lately with all the snow it has hampered my gym time. 
I have been trying to be better at my eating but have not been 100% good... But tomorrow is another day!!