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Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Today I am heading to Indy for my cousins wedding on Sat. So I will be back on monday to finish my Vacation recap of the Dominican Republic... Sorry... 
Here is a pic of my cousin and I am my wedding 11 years ago and she is getting married on saturday.. CRAZY!!!! She to the left of me. 

So until next time!

Dominican Republic Day 3

Today we pretty much hung out by the pool, got our drink on and slept.. It's amazing how heat and drinks make you sleepy... 
Water Fountain in the Plaza   Me after breakfast and checking out the store on the property.   Beautiful trees and flowers that line the walkways 
Then Steve went up on the roof of our building and took some pics.  See the mountain is hidden by clouds 

 view on the bottom floor of our building.  Our building (those are our towels)  At night we went to the A la carte seafood restaurant.  It was ok but nothing to write home about. 

Dominican Republic Day 2 ~ Our Anniversary

We were awoken around 5 am but what I can only describe as loud screeching outside our window. If you have seen the movie UP, it kinda sounded like Kevin.  Luckily we fell back asleep for a few more hours.  Then while I was getting dressed Steve went downstairs and looked around.   Villas surrounded by lush trees and gardens   Cabanas near the pool   And he found "Kevin" A peacock who likes to sleep on top of the cabanas at night.   The amazing pool!   The view from the snack bar  The view from the top of the bar   Looking back toward the bar on the right.   Looking from the bar toward the front lobby   Palm trees were EVERYWHERE..   And you could see Mount Isabel de Torres from the pool. It was early in the day so you could see the whole thing. 
Its Kevin again.    He was molting so he was not a pretty as he normally is. 

Dominican Republic Day One

We left VA around 830 and had a brief layover in Miami. Then we were off to DR!!! 
We stayed at the Iberostar Costa Dorada in Puerto Plata. It was an all inclusive resort. 
When we arrived at the room this little guy was waiting for us. We took a brief walk to the beach just to check it out and see the water. It was very windy and much of the sand was being kicked up so we decided to check out the rest of the resort. 
Koi Pond

Walkway to the buffett
The entrance to the resort  The flamingos in the lobby
Lobby Bar More Flamingos
Fresh Fruit left for us while we were checking out the resort.  This little guy was in our bathroom View from our front door
Plaza in the center of the resort Plaza Lobby