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Today I'm linking up with Juliette and Amber to predict what will happen in 2015.... 
By the End of 2015..... We will be in our new home I will have lost at least 20 pounds (I want more but starting small) I will become a better friend to my current friends I will hopefully be pregnant.. Not getting younger..  I will stop spending so much money on stuff I don't need.  I will drink more water!!! 
I'm sure there is more but this is all I got right now... hahaha 
My work is doing a Wellness Challenge that I am participating in to see who can lose the most weight and body fat. I have done the challenge in past years and did pretty good during the challenge but once it is over I go back to my old habits... I am very good at that... So hopefully this will kick start my weight loss goals for the next year.... 

Almost the New Year!!!

Hi everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! I know I did. I got to spend quality time with my family and was excited to be off from work! Being a 911 Dispatcher I often have to work holidays. But I was lucky I was off this year! 
Steve and I are excited for the new year to start as we have exciting news....... 
We Bought a House!!!! (Actually we did this in October but made the deposit right before Christmas)  SO we are excited to get everything started and make a fresh start. 

My parents are also having a house built and theirs is almost done right down the street from ours. So Big things are happening all around! 
We will be moving out of Northern Virginia/DC Area and about an hour away to Culpeper.  We cant wait to live in a new town and explore our new city... But we have a while before we get to do that. But that's ok.. I can't wait to watch the house of our dreams being built. 
So stay tuned!