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So my husband Steve is a HUGE U2 fan and when they decided to tour again he was really excited until he realized they were not coming any closer to us then Madison Square Garden which is 6ish hours away from us in VA. So he was very sad they were not coming here and he wasn't going to see them. So since it was around Christmas I decided to get him tickets. (Awesome wife status right?) 

So the concert was Thursday... and IT WAS AMAZING!!! Steve has seen them 21 times and I have seen them 7. This for me was the best concert of their I have seen. They played a mix of new songs and older songs. But what made the concert for me was they played my two favorite songs back to back. One of which they rarely play in concert. All I want is you and With or Without you. 

And as I was writing this I was doing some reading on the concert and notice that on the U2 website that I am quoted from my twitter feed "Lisa (@princess3730) was also happy that All I Want Is You turned up: '21 shows …