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Hey Ya'll

Long time no write... lol 
Well lets see what has happened since I last wrote.. Well nothing really.. Same stuff different day. 
I turned 39 yesterday and not sure I am 100% ok with it. I mean I have no choice but still it is kinda hitting me hard. I don't feel I am where I should be at 39.  Most people my age have kids and doing "Adult Things" I just feel like I am moving through life in a haze. There is no excitement just routine. Work, Eat, Sleep and repeat. But it is what it is. lol 
We had a birthday party for Steve and myself on Saturday (we share the same birthday) And only one of my friends came. She is also the only one who came last year as well. Plenty of Steve's friends came. BUT only one of mine did. Makes me kinda sad. I know people are busy and we do live far away from our friends but it still hurt my feelings.  I really want to find new friends here but I am so shy and have a hard time putting myself out there. So there is that. 
Yesterday Steve and I wen…

The Thin Blue Line....

On Saturday a Prince William Virginia Police Officer went to work on her first day and then never made it home.. She and two other officers were ambushed after receiving a call from a female who stated her husband was beating her. Little did they know when they arrived she was already dead. They did everything they had been taught to do. But when you are ambushed with an assault weapon all your training doesn't matter. 
All three responding officers were shot. All were transported to the hospital, but Officer Guindon passed away. The suspect surrendered himself. It is profoundly sad that such a young officer, young person, never had a chance. One day into her career, the day after being sworn in.

This hits way too close to home.. Prince William is about 10 miles outside of my 911 center in Fairfax. And I have to drive through it to get home. A few years ago our agency was rocked when a mentally ill man gunned down two of our officers at the police station. You never know when your t…

I'm a guest blogger!!

Hey All!! It's been a minute!! But I'm back!! And guess what.... I did a guest blog on Jamie Otis' blog! For those who do not know who she is. She was on the first season of Married at First Sight and the Bachelor.. The blog is based on my previous blog about How Do Adult Females Find Friends? .. So go check it out. This is my sorority sister Nic and I. We live 5 hours apart but are still close as can be!