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Hey Ya'll

Long time no write... lol 
Well lets see what has happened since I last wrote.. Well nothing really.. Same stuff different day. 
I turned 39 yesterday and not sure I am 100% ok with it. I mean I have no choice but still it is kinda hitting me hard. I don't feel I am where I should be at 39.  Most people my age have kids and doing "Adult Things" I just feel like I am moving through life in a haze. There is no excitement just routine. Work, Eat, Sleep and repeat. But it is what it is. lol 
We had a birthday party for Steve and myself on Saturday (we share the same birthday) And only one of my friends came. She is also the only one who came last year as well. Plenty of Steve's friends came. BUT only one of mine did. Makes me kinda sad. I know people are busy and we do live far away from our friends but it still hurt my feelings.  I really want to find new friends here but I am so shy and have a hard time putting myself out there. So there is that. 
Yesterday Steve and I wen…